Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Reading at home

a) What is one thing you learned about yourself after reading today? Was there a character or an event in your reading that led you to this new understanding? Tell us about it. 

Yes in one part Frodo is being chased by the black riders and in this scene you find out that they have restrictions that don’t allow them to enter parts of middle earth or the will be washed or swiped back to Morder. This plays a major role in the book because the black riders will always follow Frodo when he has the ring. When Frodo found out about these restrictions he uses them to his advantage and fights of the black riders with them. The first restriction in the book is Rivendale the capital of the elves with magic boundaries who first set up the restrictions.

b)  Find a passage you felt was especially well written and describe what you found interesting about the writer's craft. 

One of the passages on page 245 was very well written it described how a river swept up and washed the riders away. He compares the wave that forms as a stamped of horse’s that rise out of the water and charge straight at the riders as they cross the river. The description lasted 2 pages giving this massive well-written idea of what the wave looked like and how it was rushing towards the riders to make sure they would not escape.

c)  Write about anything else you feel like sharing at this point in your book: predictions, excitement, disappointment, etc....

I was exited when the riders finally reached Frodo the way they where described was amazing and it made it seem that these dark men where in front of you with massive long swords ready to strike. It was one of the climaxes of all the parts of the story I had read I can’t wait to read on in the book and see what else happens.

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