Sunday, 24 February 2013

What is the What

I am currently on page 236 in What is the What and I am slightly behind. I have found the book very interesting and it is always making me constantly wonder whats going to happen and how it can get any worse. The parts of the book set in america can be very annoying depending on were you are in the book and sometimes you feel like you want to skip the chapter to get back into the action or horror that is happening in the Sudan. The book can be very depressing at times and I feel that it can sometimes be hard to continue the book without putting it down for a bit, while at other time is can be the complete opposite and you cant put the book down with out finding out more. As the book goes on i start to find my self more and more into the book from the slow start in america to the attack on Valentino's village. Altogether I find the book very interesting and I cant wait to keep reading and see what lies ahead for Valentino.

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